ListShine already fully integrates with numerous programs and languages and the list just keeps on growing. All are welcome.


ListShine has been integrated with WordPress in a way that you can share the signup forms you have created here on your wordpress page using our plugin.

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The PHP integration enables access to your contactlists and add or remove users from them. You can use this to for subscriber management from your PHP website.

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Are you a Python ethusiast and want to connect your neat Python app with ours? We got you covered, just click on the button bellow and get started!

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We offer the ability to autoshare your latest campaigns on your Facebook profile and/or pages of your own choosing. You can activate this from the settings page of your account.


Autotweet the campaigns from ListShine with our neat integration! You can activate this from the settings page of your account.



If you're a linux user, you probably love streamlining all of your tasks and running them from your terminal.(We know we do!) Because of that, we made a Bash integration that you can get here.


Integrate and connect your ListShine account using Zapier and gain access to more than 750 apps to connect with! It's a seriously cool thing, we promise. Feel free to accept our invite here!

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As we speak, we are working on spreading the ListShine love with even more platforms!