Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions answered so you have better understanding of what we offer! If you cannot find the answer to your questions, be sure to send them to us here.

Are you resellers or is this your product?

-This is 100% Croatian product and we have been lovingly developing it since 2014! You can be a reseller of this product though. For more information go here.

Do you support contact unsubscribing?

-Unsubscribing your contacts is an integral part of the newsletter business and it is fully supported in ListShine.

Do you track e-mail clicks and if they get opened?

-Yes we do. You can find all of that data in details as well as filter it by country, browser and other criteria in the reports section of your account.

What happens with all my data if I don't want to use your services anymore?

-You can download all of your subscriber related data from the reports by exporting them to CSV files.

Will my email end up in someone's spam section?

-We don't tolerate any form of spam. Every account that sends such forbidden emails is automatically canceled. We are proud to say that our servers have achieved a 99/100 SenderScore