Privacy policy

Thanks for using ListShine and our services. This policy explains what information we gather about you, how we handle it, and why we gather it when you use our services. It also explains the ways we might disclose that information. Your privacy is a big deal for us and we have a great team dedicated to ensure it is safe. We never sell lists or email addresses.

Definitions and terms

These definitions should help you understand this policy. When we say "we", "us", "our" and "ListShine", we are referring to ListShine, a Croatian limited liability company. We provide online platforms that you may use to market to or stay in contact with others, including creating, sending, and managing emails and other information related to your Subscribers (the "Services"). When we say "User", we are referring to the person or entity that is registered with us to use the Services. When we say "you", we are referring either to a User or to some other person who visits our. A "Subscriber" is a person you contact through our Services, or a person who you might choose to contact at some point in the future through the use of our Services. In other words, a Subscriber is anyone on your Contact List or about whom you have given us information. "Personal Information" means information that can be used to identify you or a Subscriber, including, but not limited to, first and last name, date of birth, email address, gender, occupation or other demographic information. A "Contact List" is a list of Subscribers and all associated information related to those Subscribers (for example, email addresses).

While providing the Services, and as described in more detail below, we may collect Personal Information about a Website visitor, User, person or email address on or related to a Contact List, or Subscriber.

Collecting information

Information you voluntarily provide

When you sign up for a ListsShine account and start using our Services. That information that you provide may include either your or your Subscribers’ name, physical address, email address, IP address, phone number, credit card information, as well as details including gender, location and other demographic information.

Information that is collected automatically

When you use the Service or browse our web portal, we may collect information about your visit and/or Service usage and your experience with it. That information may include your IP address, your operating system, your browser ID, your browsing activity, and other information about how you interacted with our Website or other websites. We may collect this information as a part of log files as well as through the use of cookies or other tracking technologies.

Contact list and email information

When you add a Contact List or create an email with the Services, we have and may access the data on your list and the information in your email.

Information from your use of the Service and overral experience

We may receive information about how and when you use our Services, store it in log files or other types of files associated with your account, and link it to other information we collect about you. This information may include, for example, your IP address, time, date, browser used, and actions you have taken within the application. This type of information helps us to improve our Services for both you and for all of our users.

Social media

If you decide to integrate your social media with our app, we may access information that you approve to be shared from your social media profile. This information may include email, friends/follower list and location.