Resellers Welcome!

White label?

White label is a product made by one company which can be branded and shipped by another. And this is what we offer! You can use our e-mail marketting app and all of it's features under your brand and logo! In addition to that, you will get constant updates and support from us!

For more details and pricing feel free to contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Two models!

Free tier model

  • A watermark of our name will be included in the app
  • We will charge a fixed percentage of the sales according to a price set by you according to our original prices.

Paid model

  • You will be charged an annual fee for the app's maintenance and constant staff support from us!

What we ask from our resellers

  • An operational region defined by a contract
  • Phone and email support in the language appropriate to that operational region (optional)
  • Basing your prices on our pricing plan. This applies if you choose the Free Tier model (see above)

What we offer to our resellers

  • Localization of products for the operational region
  • Marketing materials and support needed for the successful promotion of the products
  • A free or paid upgrade of the app, depending on the features
  • Marketing team support in case the reseller does not have their own
  • For regional users and resellers, a link to you on our websites as well as your telephone number for local support (optional)